Contemporary youth culture – Bo Burnham’s ‘Inside’

This episode Matt and Fred do something a little different by investigating the themes of comedian Bo Burnham’s recent Netflix special ‘Inside’. This show has made waves among some young communities and Matt suggested Fred give it a watch to get an insight into young people.

We discuss why this ‘comedy’ special might resonate with so many young people, the significance of some of its darker themes, and dissect our differing opinions on just how holistically and authentically ‘Inside’ captures the lockdown experience.

This episode requires a brief disclaimer that Bo Burnham’s ‘Inside’ contains heavy themes related to mental health and it may be disconcerting or triggering to some viewers. Only watch the movie itself if you feel as if you can handle it, and if you are in need of support after watching reach out to whoever you feel like you need to.

Further Reading

This commentary on Inside considers some of Fred’s thoughts on ‘authenticity’ within meta-comedy:

This is Matt’s favourite song from the special, about the internet. If you cannot watch the special this video by itself provides great insight:

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