Meet the Leaders

Committed to delivering our purpose

We make each day more meaningful than the last, for both our people and our customers. We’re pleased to introduce them below.

Dr Kylie Henderson

Founder & Managing Director

Dr Kylie Henderson established Humanity Health Group in 2013. Kylie holds a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology and has more than 25 years experience in mental health and work. She obtained her doctorate in 2010, conducting studies in mental health, health and return to work.

Kylie’s interests lie in the fields of community wellbeing, technology and improved healthcare outcomes. With her team, Kylie has built Humanity Health Group into a global business that has grown to eleven brands in eight years, partnering with industry-leading personalities who share her vision to improve healthcare for current and future generations.

Fred Cicchini

Group CEO

An experienced CEO with more than a decade of experience across vocational, employment and return to work solutions, Fred is a registered and practicing psychologist dedicated to improving health outcomes for current and future generations.

Fred has managed national health organisations in excess of 350 staff, and has extensive experience in optimising organisational employee engagement and productivity. In addition to this, Fred has a keen interest in the development and implementation of evidence-based early intervention, employee assistance, return-to-work and mental health preventative initiatives.

An intuitive people leader, Fred is recognised as an experienced business growth executive, an accomplished public speaker and a passionate advocate for people and performance.

Meet our CEOs

Our team is bound together by purpose and passion and are highly skilled at providing effective, coordinated services to multiple healthcare sectors across Australia and the UK.

We value the impact we have on other’s lives and through harnessing the collective skills and knowledge of our diverse team, we support each other to deliver the best healthcare services to our customers everyday.

Mark Findlay

Mark Findlay

CEO Back2Work Solutions, Humanity Code and Me & Work
Brooke Bofinger

Brooke Bofinger

CEO Care Squared Connect and Generation Care
Amanda Lacey

Amanda Lacey

CEO Care Squared
Natalie Keating

Natalie Keating

CEO The Better Health Generation UK

We are deeply committed to quality and innovation, and are proud of our international collaborations which champion this.