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Access your online learning any time or anywhere by logging on to Learnbook.  In addition to work-related online learning, we have been busy curating high-quality courses to help cut through the noise and assist you to link into cost effective, high impact continuing education e-offerings.

Recently curated courses include:

For the full list of linked learning click here.

If you come across any high-quality learning that you feel could be curated into Learnbook, please let us know!

Interdisciplinary Case Panels

Every fortnight there is an opportunity to interact and learn from your peers, quality managers, clinical supervisors, and operational managers from more than seven different allied health disciplines! Click here to learn more about these panels.

Can’t make it live? We have you covered within Learnbook at the interdisciplinary case panel section. 

Read the case summary and then join the forum to extend the discussion, upload resources to share, or download resources others have shared.  Click here to join the clinical conversation.

Feeling stuck with a case? You can nominate one for discussion to the ICP Chair, Dylan Slater.

Career Pathways Program

TBHG is committed to lifelong learning and professional development.  Providing career pathways that match Professional development plans is a top priority. 

We have been reviewing the career pathways programs in line with organisational changes and will update them soon!

In the meantime, please ensure you have a professional development plan in place and have discussed this with your direct line manager.

Don’t know what to include or where to start? Reach out via email to our Director of People & Values, Amanda Lacey, to help you with the first step.

Continuing Professional Development

Part of the commitment to professional development at TBHG is the provision of professional development funds. 

If you haven’t read the policy, check it out here.  Its highlights include:

  1. All employees who have passed probation are eligible to apply
  2. There is no cap to the funding requests!
  3. Higher education, including tuition fees will be considered.
  4. Reasonable travel and accommodation costs associated with PD will also be considered for approval!

As part of the application process you must have:

  1. A current professional development plan in place that links to your CPD request.
  2. Your operational manager’s endorsement.

Access the request procedure here, if you want to know more about how to access further financial support for your CPD!

What do you want to learn?

Learning starts by listening

Submit your requests here

TBHG Professional Development Days

When we say we do it differently at TBHG; this certainly applies to our exciting line up of professional development days planned for the rest of the calendar year.  Check out the schedule below to find out what is coming up in the next three months!

Scheduled Professional Development Days

Wednesday 3, November
2pm - 5pm
Trauma, treatment and return to work factors

During this session you will learn about trauma; what it may typically look like in the employment and occupational services space. The main focus will be on strategies that can be effective to assist clients to return to work. We will cover off on the following:

  1. Typical functional impacts for those impacted by trauma
  2. How symptomatology is relevant to understanding function
  3. The boundaries and professional risks when providing services
  4. What we can do within the scope of our services to enhance strategies and facilitate durable outcomes.
Wednesday 3, November
9am - 11am GMT
The psychological impact of custodial sentence and how to support reintegration into the community

TBHG-UK will be invited to attend their inaugural PD day, which will focus on the psychological impact of custodial sentences before moving on to cover strategies to assist reintegration into the community for those that have served a prison sentence.

Friday 5, November
2pm - 5pm
Multiple topics sorted by stream, there will be something to take away for all involved! Check out the list below to see what is on the agenda

Topics include:

  • Home Modifications
  • Hydrotherapy 101
  • Assistive Technology demonstrations with Aidacare
  • Manual handling
  • Trauma Part one: developmental trauma
  • AAC part 2: Management of participants with ASD and intellectual disability for speech therapists,
  • AAC part 3: Learning to set goals, trial and implement Augmentative & Alternative
  • Communication (AAC).
  • Case conceptualisation using the ADAPT framework
  • Goal setting following conceptualisation.

NB: This schedule is subject to change, depending on the availability of facilitators.

Friday 3, December
2pm - 5pm
Debating clinical decision making. Panellists from TBHG and Griffith University will face off in a debate about clinical decision making from different perspectives..

Are you a forward thinker? Do you have high-level critical thinking skills? Are you brave and would like the opportunity to flex those skills against a panel of academics, in front of an audience?

If the answer is yes, why not put yourself forwards to join a debate with panellists from Griffith University, which will form part of the theme for December’s PD Day.

Two workshops will commence in late October to shape the event, which will give you exposure to three academic researchers from Griffith University who will help you prepare for December’s PD day by assisting you clarify your position and key arguments ahead of the event.

Nominations for participants will close on Friday  October 15, and can be made by emailing Dylan.slater@humanitygroup.com.au with a short outline why you are applying for the opportunity.