Graduate Story

Meet Rebecca

Speech Pathology Graduate in Brisbane

Hi Rebecca, tell us about your role – what’s involved?

I’m a speech pathologist working with Care Squared and Care Squared Kids.

I travel around the community to participant’s homes, schools or workplaces to conduct assessment and intervention in a way that is functional and meaningful for them. We also complete reports for NDIS plan reviews, participate in fortnightly 1:1 and group supervision and have weekly meetings with our manager and team.

I also get experience working in multidisciplinary teams, which is a great way to offer holistic participant support.  

What work have you been most excited about since starting with us?

The most exciting part about work is helping a range of participants (across both paediatrics and adults) with a range of diagnoses and presentations. Each day is always different! 

What’s something interesting you’ve learnt during your time with the team?

Learning how other allied health disciplines help participants, and how much overlap allied health professionals have in our provision of care. Our work, and goals, are very complementary. 

How many clinical hours might you have in a day?

New graduates are allocated clinical hours in stages across several months.

This process is in place so we don’t feel overwhelmed learning a new job and taking on participants at the same time. We are allocated participants over time so that we can still adjust to the life of an allied health professional. Once we hit full-time clinical hours, it’s 5.5 a day – very manageable.

What sort of clients might you be working with?

Graduates work with a range of participants from various backgrounds. As we have the opportunity to work with both paediatrics and adults with many different diagnoses, we are exposed to many learning opportunities.

Do you feel this program supports your career opportunities?

Absolutely! Once we complete the Graduate Program, we can progress to a more senior position within the brand we’ve worked with. We are also welcome to transition into another brand to experience something new, and expand our clinical expertise.

Do you have any tips for students thinking about applying for this program?

My #1 tip…don’t be so hard on yourself! There is so much to learn and experience, so maximise every opportunity that you can.

Working from home and on the road can be challenging, so make sure you communicate with others as much as possible, especially your friends and family.