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Finding Your PURPOSE | HumanityLIFE

13 April 2022

This month, HumanityLIFE is focusing on one of the 8 areas of life, Purpose - what it is, what it means to our people and why we value it so deeply.

A core component of what we do as allied health professionals, and as an organisation, is based on our purpose. When Fred, the SLT and I spoke to our staff last year, one recurring piece of feedback received was that our people wanted an opportunity to have a voice, to stay connected and to implement change, as part of our purpose here at Humanity Health Group. Given this, we want to use this month as a time for our people to reflect on their purpose. We want them to share what it is that makes them get out of bed in the morning, what makes them turn up to work each day, ready to leave an impact. We want to know what drives our people to continue to make positive change, so we can help them do it.   

As an allied health professional, I was attuned to listening and hearing the needs of clients and this isn't dissimilar to the needs of our staff. From there, we applied the same principle of personal growth used in clinical intervention and with our clients to our people. We included purpose as part of our HumanityLIFE policy, to ensure our staff are always encouraged to share their ideas, connect to what they value and help us, as an organisation, to deliver healthcare differently. After all, who you are as a person is interconnected across all the 8 areas of life, forming the scaffolding for optimal wellness, and we can’t do this without having a purpose.  

For me, purpose is linked closely to what you value as a person and professional. There is a well-known theory called Acceptance and Commitment Theory which attests that when we live our lives closes to our values, we are happiest and most satisfied. It is when we don’t know our values, or purpose, or when we are living against our values that we are at risk of being dissatisfied. This is where the science applies to our people strategy and our staff. We want to encourage our people to investigate what their core values are, and how closely our people are living their life to these. Values are not the same as goals. Values tell us more about the direction we want to keep moving in across all areas of life.  

I value authenticity, equality and trust. Because these are such strong values for me, it has helped to form one of Humanity Health Group's company values, integrity, and to ensure we live out these values each day at Humanity Health Group.  

We encourage our staff to understand their values, and how these play a part in your purpose here at Humanity Health Group. Our mission for 2022 is to live out the HumanityLIFE policy authentically and proudly.  

So, how do your values direct your Purpose?