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19 September 2022

While the occupational therapy field offers a wealth of diversity, Kevin Aziziazar says joining Humanity Health Group has added an extra layer of choice and flexibility.  

“As an occupational therapist you can work with people of all ages, and in lots of different areas. I’m still learning and gaining experience where I am but, if I do decide to specialise in another area, I’m confident that this program has given me a really great start.  

“Before I began, the structure of the Graduate Program seemed really intensive – they cover a lot of things which, as a new graduate, I need to learn, I need to know and I need to experience. When I compared that with other companies, there was no question that I’d made correct decision.” 

Empowered by the opportunities available to him, Kevin says he feels optimistic about his future with Humanity Health Group. 

“While I love working in the community now, maybe someday I’ll want to move into another area? In that case, the first place I’ll look is at the other brands within the organisation.  

“If I want to work in work rehabilitation, there’s Back2Work, if I enjoy working with children there’s Care Squared Kids, if I want to work only in assessment and not in managing care there’s Assessment Squared.  

“If you’re happy working with a company that treats you well, and supports your progression, why would you go anywhere else?” 

For Kevin, having a career that integrates seamlessly with the whole picture of his life is a game-changer. 

“One of the things that’s had most impact for me, is the flexibility. Not only am I allowed to work the hours that suit my life, my family, and my clients’ needs, but the structure of the organisation allows me to explore different career opportunities. 

“What I hear from my classmates at uni is that they’re feeling stressed - the companies they work for are constantly pushing their people to work harder, with more billable hours. That’s not something I’ve ever felt here. 

“I’ve been supported above and beyond since I joined the company.  There’s a range of support, from weekly team meetings, to weekly meetings with my manager, monthly OT meetings, weekly OT drops, and more. 

“My experience with Humanity Health Group is that they help you to meet your clients’ needs effectively, which ultimately increases your capacity. That’s really important because, as a new graduate, it’s something you have to learn over time.  

“The workforce reality is really different to any of the theory you’ve learned, and when you start making progress there’s a huge sense of accomplishment.” 

Kevin Aziziazar 

Occupational therapist, Humanity Health Group Graduate Program 

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