Moral decision-making

This week Fred and Matt have a bit of a theoretical, philosophical discussion about how people actually make moral decisions. Matt brought this topic up based on an essay he’s been writing for university, and Fred is keen to offer the insights he’s learnt over his many years of working with people. Join us for some ethical philosophy, and some fascinating case studies from Fred’s experience.

We mention the development and distribution of the polio vaccine by Jonas Salk, who notably did not attempt to patent the vaccine but rather accelerated its production and distribution.

Additional Reading:

McIlwain, D et al. 2011, ‘Strange moralities: Vicarious emotion and moral emotions in Machiavellian and psychopathic personality styles’, in R Langdon & C Mackenzie (ed.), Emotions, Imagination, and Moral Reasoning, Taylor & Francis Group, pp. 119-148

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